Jah-Jiang Mien. A timeless dish that is served in many Chinese restaurants. Strangely I never find myself ordering it when I’m at a Chinese restaurant. But I do like making it at home! Mostly because it’s a two-step process hehe. And delicious.

I guess when I mentioned it was a two-step process, I revealed that it is a bit of a stretch for me to profess that I MAKE this dish at home. I just 1) buy the delicious sauce in a jar … (Mama Hsu (and I) recommend making sure the sauce is a Product of Taiwan)

and 2) the delicious noodles in a plastic bag from an Asian grocery story in Vienna… (These are the recommended noodles as well. Springy and ever so slightly chewy if you boil them for just the right amount of time!)

1. Boil the noodles
2. Strain them
3. Mix in spoonfuls of the Jah-Jiang sauce to taste

Careful, it’s spicy!! A few more pointers:

* It’s best to mix the sauce into the pasta in a large pan before dividing it up into serving bowls. This way you have more space to toss the noodles and thoroughly mix the sauce in. It also prevents your individual bowls from having sauce around the sides of the bowl when served.

* An extra spoonful of the chili oil in the sauce can help keep the noodles slick and prevent them from getting sticky and dry.

* For a pretty green addition and something fresh, chop up some scallions and sprinkle them over the top of each serving.

* This is a vegetarian dish if you only use the sauce. But feel free to cook and add ground pork for meat lovers.

* Lastly, for your braver guests who like their mouths on fire at mealtimes, leave a small bowl of extra Jah-Jiang sauce out so they can spoon in to taste!

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