I have some time on my hands, so here are some long overdue photos of things I’ve hyped recently. Crafty Bastards was a blast… no surprise there.

I woke up around 6am, a smidge glum from the darkness outside. But once there, it was all excitement. Art and artists everywhere hauling their goods, my coworkers and everybody busy doing something or other. Here’s my tent and imoM artwork all in disarray on the table.

My coworkers William and Will, who was sporting a hot pink mohawk. Made it easy for me to spot him out in the crowd and request help pitching the tent.

A heavenly spread of bagels, danishes, chocolate chip muffins and coffee. Too bad I wasn’t overly hungry, but I grabbed a couple in case. Here’s Sara, one of the hardworking organizers of the festival!

At the City Paper booth, I helped hang a line of the latest Crafty and CP fashions up on a clothesline. Great handiwork if I might say so myself.

Despite the weather forecast, the crowd was great, and even during the spurts of rain, people just popped out their umbrellas and kept on shopping while I was frantically trying to cover the imoM cards from the rain.

My sister-in-law Margaret was able to overnight her acrylic LOVE necklaces and earrings in time for the festival. People adored them! I put together a little vertical display to showcase them with the LOVE piece that they’re based off of.

I was thankful to have Eric, Mei and Ryan with me to help out throughout the day! We munched on spring rolls, Thai iced teas, italian ice and pad thai.

I took a couple strolls around the festival and came across a white dachshund!! It must be albino :) Adorable factor was off the charts. Also, here’s Anthony of Dirty Pictures at his busy booth. Can you see the Exit Clov poster he made for us somewhere in his display?

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