Goddamn. Suzi’s been blogging up a storm about her new this and that in the last month and meanwhile, lil’ sis here’s been pretty AWOL. The culprit for my curious absenteeism: The hubs and I been house hunting too, following in the pioneering footsteps of Suzi + Chops! Yes, we’ve officially joined the cut-throat hunting expedition that is the low-inventory New York City real estate market. A bit like trying to score a single available cut of juicy prime meat with 20 other ravenous, well-endowed wolves ready to pounce. Argh…

But depending on what we end up with, I may have a few house projects of my own yay (so I can finally start heeding the 11th Commandment: Thou shalt not envy thy sister’s newly self-installed whimsically romantic sheer Belgian linen drapery.) Sigh.

We’ve got some promising Brooklyn prospects in our sights, including one space that’s completely raw and would require an architect/designer and builder to create a custom home. Exciting? Uh, yah. Terrifying? Oh shizzles. We’re already balking at the creative horsepower and stress that would entail. Here’s a little sneak peek of the space, though don’t get too attached just yet, hehe –>

Already, just thinking about designing a space from scratch has resulted in many a-wasted hour browsing Houzz.com over the last few weeks. Oh Lord…. do help us find a home soon.

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