A post-show recap is due… it was fun! but it was tiring. Our day started at 7am and ended at 6:30pm.

Admittedly we were kind of miserable when we first got there. It was dreary, cold and wet. Debbie RocknRomp had just informed us that the music part of the event was up in the air due to the rain! 🙁

Thankfully the tent we bought the night before was pretty easy to pitch. Hedgehog (bro’) and Magz (sis-in-law) set it up, and Emily and mom watched, bemused, from afar as the green tent sprang to life.

Above, Magz made some acrylic necklaces and earrings in the mold of our dad’s LOVE pieces. They were a hit with people. The night before, she spent a lot of time patiently filing down the sharp edges.

She and I modeled the earrings all day!

So the overall response was great. Because he was so humble, our dad would probably have been bewildered that his artwork strikes such a strong chord with ordinary people just passing by. We always talk about how happy he would be if he saw what we were doing with his artwork! This is all he ever wanted.

It turned out RocknRomp was still on!

The kids were out and about and ready to rock apparently. Check out this RocknRomp regular, who brought his OWN guitar for the jam session (aww). Aaron tells him a little about his pedalboards.

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those earrings are tres coooool 🙂 glad you guys had a good weekend!


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