My cubicle is a little more peculiar than the typical brown office cube. I sit in this long narrow space with a “square window” cut out of it. When I look out my window, I see a symmetrical office with the same window where my coworker Emily sits.

Our walls are painted blue and red, so it has this sort of picket-fence cookie cutter neighborhood feel.

When Emily started working here we had this little joke going that we should put curtains up and create a little sitting area to have tea. A couple weeks later, she shows up with some frumpy granny curtains from a church yard sale that were perfect for this!

Here we are stapling the curtains to our blue and red walls. She had to staple mine because I couldn’t reach it.

The view from my window. Emily’s pinning her curtain to one side.

This is where I sit, under the refreshing shade of granny curtains!

Written by devotchkaa

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