I think I mentioned earlier that I’ve been bitten by the herringbone love bug. I don’t even really know when it started. While shopping online for a case for my new Macbook Air (which I got as a Christmas gift!) I came across this herringbone wool laptop case on Etsy. Since it was expensive but so amazingly pleasing to my eye, I stalked it online for a month or two before finally justifying in my head to buy it.


The shop is called Stash, run by Mari Forssell in Dallas, TX. And of course it turns out she’s European…herringbone wool is so quintessential English! Apparently she was born in Helsinki, Finland, and lived in the UK for several years. Thanks Mari for your wonderful, well-crafted bags! Here are some more photos of the laptop case from her website, since they are brighter than mine. The bag is specifically designed to fit a 13″ Macbook Air snugly and comfortably. But lucky for everybody, she makes bags customized to fit all kinds of modern-day gadgets like iPads, tablets, phones, etc.

These laptop cases also come in different colors, like black/white herringbone, brown tweed, and plaids. Here’s a photo of a camera messenger bag in the black/white herringbone. Who knows… I may have to buckle one day and get this as well.

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What beautiful cases and bags by Mari! It was great to catch up on your and Emily’s posts from the last month. The squash recipe looks so good too. Love your blog! xoxo


Thanks for reading Margaret!! We’re jonesin’ for another visit to Vancouver sometime soon. Maybe when we visit our brother in Seattle sometime soon! 🙂


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