I never really thought to be a huge fan of kiwi, but damned if they ain’t some pretty green fruit. Curious looking too, like little fuzzy brown eggs. In fact, the kiwi concept appears to embody the idea behind a mousy babe hehe. Frumpy and unassuming on the outside, but oh so babelicious. Haha. The back story behind these kiwis — Mama Hsu sent me home with 4 globes last week, and they came in super handy when we had guests over on Sunday. I was wringing my hands over the fact that I didn’t have any time to prepare anything as a little refreshing appetizer before we headed out to lunch, so at the last minute before they arrived, I was like, “I know! I’ll chop up those kiwis!”

I must applaud myself for my quick thinking. The time was dwindling, and I couldn’t afford to peel four kiwis with my clumsy little paws. So I looked up some youtubes on how best to peel and cut kiwi… with a spoon! It worked splendidly. And my guests came just in time and pounced on the kiwis (two of them were vegetarians).

And here is Mama Michael’s famous cherry pie. The lattice design of the flaky, crispy pie crust makes my mouth water! It was delish.

Written by devotchkaa

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