Forgive me my total inanity sometimes. These meat buns are courtesy of my uncle “Sheegoo” (as in “4th uncle”). He made these from scratch if you can believe it! They were so soft and chewy and delicious. Last Friday I had the day off, so I spent the day with Mama and he carted a huge tray of these over. Indeed, everyday I count my blessings 🙂

In Taiwanese these are called “bao-ah,” which, incidentally, reminds me of our Taiwan tour last spring with Exit Clov … the first morning we woke up in Taipei, Aaron and Charlie were nowhere to be found in the hostel because they had skipped down the street and found this impossibly delicious bao-ah stand. Lucky for us they toted a whole boatload back to camp and we munched on them while waiting to take the High Speed bullet train. That was fun 🙂

Speaking of home-cooked food, word on the street is that Em and I may start filming little cooking shows. Who knows if we’ll actually get around to it hehe. But it sounds like it would be a fun project!

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