This past weekend, Em was in town visiting for a WHOLE weekend. We both had the day off on Friday, and you know what that means… productivity levels off the charts in the House of Mousybabe. One of our activities was taking photos of and posting our latest product in the Mousybabe Etsy shop – our brand new trademark tampon bags! We sooo excited about them.

I know the idea of a tampon bag sounds a smidge ridiculous, as in … RIDICULOUSLY CUTE. Hopefully once the ladies lay eyes on these they’ll wonder how they ever got by without one hehe.

The bottoms of the bags are squared-off to create a nice little base, and thus more room in the bag.

Here is the official product description on our Etsy listings:

Ever open your purse in public only to have 50 tampons fly out?? Well, never again. This handsewn, blockprinted linen pouch is sized perfectly to keep all your feminine secrets in one safe place… So you can be on the rag and still be the international woman of mystery.

+ Oatmeal-colored pouch measures 6.5″ x 3.5″ x 2″ and has a cotton green print lining and hemp drawstring. See alternate bag designs in Photo 5. Perfect as a gift! (Especially useful for the jetsetter or touring musician who needs to pack a handful at a time)

++ The inspiration for this bag design is a utilitarian, war-time aesthetic, with pink, supple button accents (… to go with those dangerous curves). {Meow}

+++ HANDWASH in cold water

We posted these for sale on Friday night and the next day we got our first sale! Someone in Chicago who…obviously knows what’s up 🙂 This was the one she ordered, so I’ve packaged it up for its journey to the great Midwest.

And here’s another design – a bat with x’s for its eyes. Charming, I know. Don’t ask me why it looks like it’s floating in mid air.

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