This past weekend was one of those days where you step outside, and you can’t help but feel exhilarated to be alive. There are signs of spring – the first sounds, since the start of winter, of birds singing in the morning, the sun beaming, and the temperature is still pretty crisp but balmy and daringly warm.

It would have been our dad’s 73rd birthday on Sunday, so Em and I visited his memorial and brought him pretty yellow daffodils, mixed with baby’s breath. I bought an extra batch to set on the kitchen table too, partly in celebration of the new season and partly so I could keep celebrating his birthday in the home for a few more days while the flowers are in bloom.

They really brighten up the room with their happy yellow color! Just the fact that they’re another live being in the room makes their surrounding environment also come to life. This spring I promise to take more moments to walk to the local grocery store or nearby garden and pick up a small vase of flowers for the home 🙂

Written by devotchkaa

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