Fate has spoken at last, and after two rounds of bidding, our quest for the raw space in Ft. Greene is no more (the one I hinted at in this post last month). So it’s back into the feeding frenzy of homebuyers for us, sigh…

We are a bit bummed, but losing it is in many ways both a blessing and a curse. It would have been hell of a fun time to build but, in all likelihood, a harrowing ordeal for a couple of first-time home buyers. It also would have taken upwards of a year before we could even move in — considering the time it’d take to close, design the space, obtain blueprint permits, and build it out, not to mention any structural surprises we were bound to discover within the building because of the cheap-ass developer.

Yes, this is me finding the silver lining in all of this. So, onward! (In fact, we’re already jumping head first into another bidding war, this time in Chelsea, hehe).

Written by noodle

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