Raised Bed Garden Project for Spring 2015

New project this spring that is up and running–an elevated vegetable garden table planter! After a good amount of research, I found this awesome mom-and-pop company in Cali, called Mini Farm Box, that makes all kinds of planters using cedar. It was exactly what I was looking for…perfectly sized for urban homes where you have… Read more »

How to get your dumplings really … bitchy

I could eat dumplings for every meal for the rest of my life, and I think I wouldn’t have one complaint. But sometimes unless your fried dumplings have that delicious crispage underneath (you know what I mean), you’re kind of being cheated of the full deliciousness.

New Pinterest Board — Style Crush!

I get occasional hints at work and shopping g-friends that I tend to buy the same version of whatever dress or shirt or skirts that I already have. My response is always, “Well it’s because I know what will work and what won’t for my shape and height!” That said, they have a point…

Elegant Loungewear by the frenchies at BASE RANGE

It’s become a half-facetious project of mine to figure out what might qualify as “elegant loungewear” to wear around the house…

Overlooking Manhattan….

…a rustic vision of French lavender sitting pretty on my windowsill. i <3 farmers markets.

#PutaBirdOnIt: New Set of Cards!

Had myself a little product development sesh this weekend and made a set of new notecards for our etsy shop. Check out the new listing HERE and photos of the work in progress!

  • Tales From Booty Camp

    psst! For some context, see this old post. Phone Conversation I had with someone. This is the voice on the other end: Can I ask you just one little question? Are you large? I’ve been ___ probably before you were even around. Comprende? You probably know me. You’ve probably read about me on TV. I’m… Read more »

  • Advance Screening: Burn After Reading

    Em and I met up in Chevy Chase after work Thursday night because we had passes to an advance screening of The Coen Brothers’ Burn After Reading. I expected a fight to get in, but I didn’t imagine the crowd to be a massive human wreckage of sweat, McDonald’s and some kind of carryout with… Read more »

  • my name is emily hsu…

    …and i was the victim of a bangs butchery. i found this salon couple weeks ago called Bang Salon. it was on the Internetss. i liked it a lot on the whole and i’d definitely go back. 🙂 i’m just still lamenting the precious inch of my bangs that are still lost in some salon… Read more »

  • Biggie Weiner Doggie

    Came across the chubbiest long-haired dachshund I’ve ever seen in my life. I was in the midst of doing some Crafty Bastards flyering in Adams Morgan, and had to stop and stare. So much cuteness. It was ambling far behind the owner who wasn’t paying attention, so I was able to snap a stealth pic… Read more »

  • Hillyer Art Space Opening Night // Parmesan-Crusted Catfish Fillets

    Went on a cooking binge this weekend. I’m like unstoppable with my cooking skills or something … seriously come over for dinner sometime. But first, Mei and I stopped by the Hillyer Art Space for its 2008-2009 opening night on Friday, and tasted a little subculture of visual artists and their patrons. The gallery’s tucked… Read more »

  • ahem, Mousy Babe is temporarily…

    … just a food blog, incase you wonder if we do anything else besides eat and take pictures of it. Em and I met up after work for happy hour sushi at Cafe Asia. It’s been ages since we’ve eaten here, and the sushi is actually pretty decently meaty. The last time I went, the… Read more »

  • the yogurt wars: Pinkberry v. Red Mango

    a few weeks ago, we made a happy discovery in our neighborhood — a Pinkberry yogurt shop, just a couple blocks down from us in korea town. we always saw people emerging from the store with beaming faces, hovering over their large cups of icy, kaleidoscopic deliciousness. apparently, it’s all the craze on the west… Read more »

  • Last Two Clov Shows For Awhile

    We played our last Exit Clov show for awhile, as some of us pick up and haul ass to a whole ‘nother city 🙁 Here’s a little slideshow from the shows at Iota and 9:30 Club. {Sad, contemplative music begins to play} PRE-SHOW AT IOTA. It’s taking too long to start soundcheck, so Aaron and… Read more »

  • gimme da juice…

    ray’s hellburgers are no joke… after much hullabalooh from friends & co-workers, we finally went for an inaugural taste-test sunday night. the fun thing about ray’s is the array of special cheeses and toppings you can pile on, like epoisse, foie gras, and applewood smoked bacon. i was quite torn between the muenster and imported… Read more »

  • don’t be glib @ black cat!!

    Mousybabe show highlight of the week: Don’t Be Glib @ Black Cat (backstage) The band features Aaron Leeder (who opts for tasty rhythm guitar over his trademark Clov heroics), alongside talented and demure song bird Mary Beth Doran. We caught them at IOTA a few weeks back. I wish they had played The Ring, but… Read more »