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Pitchfork Classic Series Takes on Belle & Sebastian

Juicy. I just found out, via the 9:30 Club email list, that Pitchfork (some of us around here like to call them Bitchfork) has started a documentary series called Pitchfork Classic focusing on some seminal indie rock albums. The latest of which is none other than our beloved Belle & Sebastian! Ah the band for… Read more »

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The Many Faces of Brooklyn

When we started our house hunting adventure in January, we were afflicted with a myopia for Manhattan. It’s where we’ve rented for years and our friendly neighbor right now just happens to be Mr. Empire State. I guess you could say we’ve been spoiled rotten by the view. No surprise that we were miffed by… Read more »

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Exit Clov’s New Album Is Finally Done!

I still can’t believe it… but here’s proof –> http://exitclov.bandcamp.com/. It’s been a real journey through this album, but really what album isn’t a journey? Ask any band, I suppose. And it always takes longer than you planned. The songs on this album were mostly written the year after Memento Mori came out in 2010,… Read more »

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Clov-Inspired Tattoos

Yesterday, we got an email from a fan showing us the raddest tattoo ever. Lyrics from our song Moving Gaza! “living is not for free … art is ecstasy.” So we tweeted the pic Within an hour someone else tweeted his own pic of the Clov/Sesow Zombie bunny from our Memento Mori album. WHAT.!? Awesome!!… Read more »

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Shopping for a Tansu at Shibui

Suzi’s decorating a new one-bedroom home and has been sharing her ideas & inspirations (& many fails… ahem) throughout the process. Read her blog posts on this: Suzi’s House Project. For the last 10 years, I’ve been using an IKEA dresser to hold the clothes that I don’t hang up in the closet. And I’ve… Read more »

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Merry Christmas! <3

A dark chocolate and almond Christmas tree with powdering of confectionary sugar. Gotten from the charming little Cocova chocolate shop in Adams Morgan. Thank god for them!

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Holiday Lunch in Annapolis, Md.

Dessert first! Of course. Snowman box, gotten from Jacks 99 Cent store. Whadda steal. Homemade Brazilian truffles inside by Em. Four flavors, clockwise from 12 o’clock — pistachio, chocolate sprinkles, cinnamon pecan, cocoa powder. Here’s how you make ’em. Em’s flaky curry beef pie and veggie springroll. Mama Hsu’s sticky brown rice and eggs (Taiwanese:… Read more »

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BK Food Experiment: The Omikase of Amateur Chefs

On Sunday, we attended this year’s Food Experiment championships at the Brooklyn Brewery, an annual competition to crown the best amateur chef in the nation. The $45 tix bought us unlimited Brooklyn Brewery beer, along with the tastiest “bites” from 15 stellar cooks across the country (and one from Sweden!). Sven called it the “omikase”… Read more »

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Waste Land: A Film on Art and Humanity

On one of many evenings I find myself twidding my thumbs waiting for sven to finish work, I watched Waste Land, a documentary I found on Hulu about a 3-year art project at a Brazilian landfill, Jardim Gramacho, apparently the largest garbage dump in the world. The film tracked the evolution of an idea by… Read more »