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New Pinterest Board — Style Crush!

I get occasional hints at work and shopping g-friends that I tend to buy the same version of whatever dress or shirt or skirts that I already have. My response is always, “Well it’s because I know what will work and what won’t for my shape and height!” That said, they have a point…

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Brown Herringbone Wool Laptop Case <3 by Stash

I think I mentioned earlier that I’ve been bitten by the herringbone love bug. I don’t even really know when it started. While shopping online for a case for my new Macbook Air (which I got as a Christmas gift!) I came across this herringbone wool laptop case on Etsy. Since it was expensive but… Read more »

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Vintage Receipt Printing Ribbon Cuffs

aww BITCH. How rad is this? And this? Speaking of cyberpunk the other day, these are what I’m talkin’ about. These bracelets are made by Robynn Molino Design from LA. I came across her goods through Scoutmob‘s mailing list. I remember noticing when Scoutmob first started championing local DIY/handmade businesses, along with the restaurant coupons… Read more »

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A New Cut Inspired By … John Cale and a Stranger on the Subway

I was on the F train in NY last weekend, and I started admiring this girl’s hair. It was cut in a normal style, naturally jet black with some red dye, but she had bobby-pinned a tiny portion of her hair up against the side of her head in an X formation. I made a… Read more »

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Sweet Cyber Monday Deals

I’ve never been such a sucker for sales as I seem to be this holiday season. I hope it’s not because I’m somehow consuming more in general. That would suck. But a better story would be that I’m just being more efficiently targeted than ever by the brands and companies that I actually sign up… Read more »

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Pretty Blue Tropical Dress

For most of this week, none of us here have been putting too much effort into our appearances hehe, myself being the most guilty. Which might be why you don’t see too many people shots posted. But during the safari cruise on the Black River, I thought Em’s bright blue tropical dress was very pretty…. Read more »

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The Bizzles! Back Together Again

Lime Acre in Whitehouse, Jamaica. Monday, November 19, approx 1:35pm. I miss bizzle. Note the particularly strong fashion statements. Equally strong statements by both bizzles. Polka-dots and camou donned by Bizzle #1. Bizzle #2 is sporting pink pj pants sewn by Bizzle #1, and a stylin’ Taiwan Is Free tee.

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A Jamaican Villa

We’re here in Jamaica. First day… this is my view. Sigh. From the balcony of our villa. Being the nerd I am, I’ve busted out my laptop amid the beautiful sea and greenery that surrounds us. As we speak Sven and Charlie are getting creative, “working out” on the balcony using the furniture. Sven tries… Read more »