The Small Press Expo was fantastically cool. Lots of punk, subversive text and graphics, and a lot of people wearing black. Of course, then I walked in carrying a Starbucks cup with its glowing green straw :O

The whole graphic novel and comics scene is kind of foreign to me, but the self-publishing, DIY zine, anti-establishment mantra of indie press is all in the same spirit as a lot of music. The artists were extremely friendly and engaging. They seemed to genuinely want to know about your own projects, even though they’d been standing at their booth all day meeting strangers.

I did a little bit of window shopping with album artwork in mind and particularly liked Ben Walker‘s role reversals between humans and wild animals. Funny and aesthetically engaging, and yet politically meaningful if that’s how you wanted to interpret it.

Josh Johnson‘s work… deliciously spooky.

Speaking of spooky, I had a nightmare last night about zombies a la Shaun of the Dead. It was terrifying and very cliche, and I actually woke up flailing my arms because I had a baseball bat in my hand and a zombie was coming toward me. It was 6:58am. Still had a couple more hours till daylight :(

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