Bishies, you will appreciate this:

This morning I woke up an hour late because of my alarm and so I was running to the bus stop hehe… Mt. Pleasant is full of old “charming” brick-lined streets and shoddy medians, and so of course I totally tripped on one of these “quaint and charming” bricks and wiped out flat on my hands and face!! It was on a little median where a bunch of people were gathered to wait for the bus. HA. I guess it wasn’t funny at the time because I was already frustrated that I was late! And I was also in such shock at the impact of my fall. It’s impossible not to feel like a total loser right at the moment you wipe out. In fact, I was such a loser, I actually uttered the words “I’m sorry” when I got up in a feeble daze… like WTF, who apologizes for falling really hard on their face??? This girl nearby was really nice about it, though, and was like “No no! Are you ok??” She also offered me band-aids, but I didn’t have any broken skin shockingly. I forgot to thank her as I limped away.

I was grateful for my purple oversized bug-eye sunglasses, which miraculously didn’t come off in my fall, and also hopefully masked my identity for the next time I walk through there ha.

Thankfully nothing ripped or tore, clothes or skin. Just my yogurt container was squashed when I pulled it out of my bag to settle in at my desk. I’m actually surprised and disappointed that I didn’t think to take some kind of picture at the scene for my blog, considering I do that for everything these days. Maybe a closeup of the offending brick 🙂

Miss you guys!

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Slow down, bizzle! Glad you got away unscathed, yet again. Like the time you slipped on some wet lettuce in the hallway in high school — you wiped out like on your face, but the heavy stack of books you had remained miraculously intact in your arms, hahaha! Guess they call it the nerd-strength death grip.


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