On the morning of Day 3 in Cartagena, I finally reached the Holy Grail of our trip — feasting on an authentic Colombian arepa! For breakfast, we ordered the “arepa con huevo” (something I didn’t know even existed until I saw it on our hotel breakfast menu). In New York, we’d only ever had the traditional arepa con queso. Here’s a shot of my fried deliciousness, with a side of “crema.” Everything here seems to be served with some kind of cream, milk, dulce de leche, or arequipe.

Check out the pics — evidence of a perfectly cooked egg, crispy fried arepa skin on the outside, gooey and runny on the inside.

Here’s what we’ve yet to try this afternoon: street arepas con queso!

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no waaaay!!! Two of my favorite things…runny eggs and fried crispage. Reminds me, I will have to post my pictures of runny egg breakfasts soon.


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