i made a delightful discovery at my hotel in switzerland — they serve moi!

moi is a taiwanese rice porridge meal (usually breakfast i think) that’s accompanied by a colorful array of smaller dishes. the dishes are always different, but some staples are soy/gluten, pickled bamboo, dried pork, black duck eggs, dried fish, and many many more goodies. k, doesn’t sound super appetizing, but it’s pretty delicious.

this display was a small offshoot of the breakfast buffet at a Ramada Park Hotel, which offered the standard omelettes, fruits, yogurt, juice and pastries. i know the moi breakfasts i’m about to see in Taiwan will kick the s**t out of this one, but it was a happy sight to see in a european country. at the very least, it helped allay my outrage at the breakfast buffet’s price tag — 36 freakin swiss francs ($34)! and that was the only breakfast option they offered. so i had to either cough up $34 for some coffee and pastries or …. go hungry. :(

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i dunno i have a hard time feeling sorry for you as you pseudo-vacation in Switzerland! And yeah agreed that Taiwan’s moi will kick some serious butt. i love black duck eggs!


oh i forgot about “gyahm-ah- neng,” or salty duck egg. yeah me like black eggs too!!


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