It’s become a half-facetious project of mine to find what might qualify as “elegant loungewear” to wear around the house (since so much of my time is spent there)^

Charlie did a quick search of “elegant loungewear” and the first hits that came up were Star Wars video game options for outfits for your character. Totally bizarre. But he did come across a French brand called Base Range that had some cute utilitarian lounge stuff. Case in point, these overalls! Adorbs. And totally something I would order in an instant (except for the price tag)

01 short strap overall 01-1005x670h 01 short strap overall 03-1005x670h

The material is cotton, but to be fair they go out of their way to vouch for the sustainability of the production process. 100% organic certified cotton. This full-body hoodie is total unabomber chic. I’m not sure it counts as “elegant” loungewear. Just dope ass loungewear. But it IS suede 🙂

Suede Oversized Hoody - BRAW14-0022  Oversized Suede Hoody + Suede Sweat Pants-1005x670h

^ It has come to light that my usual house get-up doesn’t cut it…double-layered Northwestern hoodie and old sweatpants that need to be double folded down because the elastic has worn out so much

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