If you thought McCain won the debate yesterday I have news for you. You’re NUTS!

Check it out, DEVO’s gone back to their hometown of Akron, OH, to give back to the community — by promoting Obama. So they’re geeky artrockers and patriotic too. Dreamyness.

DEVO … sprang from Akron in the 1970s at a time when the city was mired in a severe recession and dealing with the after-effects of a failed war… Their albums blended political lyrics and pop iconography with urgent guitars and groundbreaking electronics

It’s a nice goal for every band. Maybe one day, two decades down the road, Exit Clov will be helicoptering into the district to promote a revolutionary candidate and we’ll call it Respond Respond :)

Written by devotchkaa



Wow, i remember DEVO! Dang that brings me back 😀

Regarding the recent debates, i think the best thing to come out of it was McCain’s latest ‘pretty-boy pose’ – hands groping forward and staring (hungrily?) at Obama’s rear, he somehow manages a tongue protrusion that makes even Gene Simmons look insignificant by comparison. Jabba The Hut would’ve been impressed. Guess there must be, uh, a lot of room in the back of that head maybe?


*NBA = Narrow Black Ass

– Kristof


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