It was a little bizarre that there were 7-11’s everywhere in Taiwan. Even weirder was seeing them sell traditional Taiwanese food that I’d only ever seen at home in a pot on the stove!

They had brown tea eggs (“loh neng” in Taiwanese) … a pile of tea eggs steaming in a pot by the cash register.

AND they also had tea eggs vacuum-packaged like this! … definitely cute but kind of gross if you ask me, and I’m tough to gross out when it comes to food. Psst. Check out the pre-packaged Starbucks lattes they have.

They also had these 99cent sushi-type minibites. Basically a triangular block of rice wrapped with nori (the kind that’s wrapped around sushi). You could pick from an assortment of salmon, ground pork, dried pork and some other kind of fish.

Written by devotchkaa



I was surprised by the number of 7-11’s too. The Taiwanese seem to treat it like their local supermarket. I had such a good time in Taiwan. Total eye-opener not having ever visited Asia previously. The Night Market was mad!


Taiwan rox! We wanted to go to the Shilin night market too, which I heard is the mother of all night markets. But alas, we ran out of time… We did go to one in Kaohsiung and some others in Taipei :)


was this you guys’ first time back in a while? there have been 711’s everywhere in taiwan since i was born… hmm…


My daughter went to Sweden, Finland and Denmark last year and she says they have have 7-11 there too but again it is quite different. She actually liked it! They have all kinds of fancy things! Of course they have McDonalds ,too! And over there, the McDonalds people come to take your order as in a normal restaurant and they clean up, too. One does not have to dump the tray! Well, how cool is that! Reading all the above makes me want to visit Taiwan.


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