i voted…! yeehaws for america. well, guess we’ll have to wait til tonight for that battle cry. but it wasn’t too unpleasant, merely a 10 minute wait.


mysterioso though, there was zero wait time to sit down and fill out a paper ballot, yet like 40 people chose to stand in line for the electronic booths. wtf… i filled in my bubbles on the paper ballot in 25 seconds and said, see ya’ll suckas, i’m blowing this joint. and i did.


Written by weepingstar



whoa my golly emily. you’re really cool. you really got the best of them. but e-voting machines are the ones that are sketcho so i don’t know people were flocking to them.

Ryan Walker

Did you really say that to the people in the polling center? ‘Cause I would have liked to have heard that.



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