We were off to the Bellflur mansion last night to start screenprinting the new single.

We got a late start because two horses had gotten loose from the mansion stable and Carlos had to run out in the dark road and walk them back almost a mile. Back inside, we finished Photoshopping the artwork and printed them onto transparency paper.


Holding the transparency up against the CD package. It fits!

Emily observed from within the folds of a couch and sipped holiday coffee.

Next step was to go downstairs and cut the transparencies to size.

dsc039891Before pulling out the screens, it has to be a darkroom so as not to expose the screens to light. We shined a bright, intense light onto the screen for 11 minutes to harden the emulsion everywhere except for the design. That way when you squeegee (i love that word) paint on the screen, the paint will only seep through the screen in the shape of the design.

Tom gets ready to time the shining of the light.


Doot da doo. As 11 minutes pass, check out my sick bat ring — courtesy of leftover party favors from Tom’s Halloween party. My skeleton fingers go perfectly with it.

It’s done! We run upstairs to the pool outside to hose the screen down.


Actual printing will start Friday!

Written by devotchkaa


Mark Denil

You really have to use a more robust type face with drop-out (white on black) text; something without so much stroke contrast and such wispy serifs. Ink spread, especially with silkscreen, closes up the delicate bits on the letters.
I like it though: looks good, sounds good.


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