We’re on tour at the moment so most of our updates are at exitclov.com. It’s been a treat getting to hear two fantastically great bands every night.

‘We’ll start a little family and call it our religion,
hunt for ghosts inside our house
because we’ll never give up wishing’
~ from Cloud Cult’s ‘The Ghost Inside Our House’

Connie and and Scott from Cloud Cult prepping the canvases downstairs before the show in Danbury, CT. The theme was scary people with masks and antlers growing out of their heads.


We were sorry to bid adieu to Mason Proper after last night’s show. They’re off to Durham, NH, today.

After the Danbury, CT show the place turned into a dance party! You can see Arlen, Shannon, and Sarah of Cloud Cult cuttin loose :) Good times!

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It was definitely a great show (despite the lack of attendees). Thanks for entertaining us!

PS. Way to keep the DIY silk-screening skill alive!


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