j/k. but i HAD a dream. a pretty nutty one too. it made me wake up laughing out loud. in the dream, susan and i were talking to this weird orphan boy for some reason. he looked a little like the kid from The Jungle Book cartoon, but even more tattered and dirty. 28Lg.DVD.JUNGLE in the middle of our conversation, susan ran off to some gumball machine thingamajig and bought this fake plastic model of a human upper lip with rotten front teeth. gleefully, she ran back over to where I was talking to him, grabbed the kid’s head and stuck the upper lip on him. the kid looked at me with such a look of horror and dumbfoundedness at what had just happened, the new set of rotted out plastic teeth protruding from his mouth. something about it was explosively hilarious to me. i woke up realizing i was shaking with laughter. some things in life just have no explanation.

Written by weepingstar

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