dcrollergirlsWe’re excited to announce another craft show that imoM will be a part of. It’s the DC Roller Girls Holiday Bash & Craft Fair on Sunday, Dec. 14! We’ll be one of about 10 vendors at the party at Rock’n’Roll Hotel, which runs from 6-10pm.

If you haven’t heard of imoM, it’s a fun project we’ve been doing with our mom, brother (Hedgehog), and sister-in-law Mags. Our dad, who passed away last year from a brain tumor, was an artist, so he left piles and piles of artwork that’s too great to just sit in his basement studio. So we printed them on cards and posters, and thus imoM came about! It stands for ‘in memory of Ming.’ Mags also has made acrylic earrings and necklaces in the form of his LOVE series.

Incidentally, it was a nice surprise to hear kind words about our dad’s artwork while we were on tour last week! Maybe one day we’ll bring it with us on tour.

Mags modeling a pair of white earrings :)

Em with our imoM display at the Ballston Craft Fair this past spring.

It works out, as I’ve been meaning to see what all the fuss is about DC Roller Girls. strangelandrecordsA friend of ours, Damien, who helps with Clov promo also promotes DC Roller Girls and has been talking them up. In the spirit of supporting independent arts, check out the new company he co-founded called LoFidelity Promotions. It’s sort of an offshoot of the battle to save the local record shop Strangeland Records in Annandale, VA, these last couple of years. Alas, the store closed its doors, to rest in peace next to Olsson’s Books and Records and Orpheus Records.

Since so many promotional teams are opting to go “online-only”, we’ll continue to be those people dropping posters in local businesses, handing out fliers outside of shows and generally talking to anybody interested in supporting local music. – Damien & Ryon, LoFidelity Promotions

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