every once in a while, mousybabe features an artist (music, crafts or otherwise) doing something to add to the dazzling entropy of the artistic world. today’s feature involves a little happy family of “bears,”¬†jbear1 dreamed up by our friend jeffrey. by day, jeffrey is a designer of underwear patterns in new york city. by nights and weekends, jeffrey tends to his pack of bears. well, some of them aren’t really bears, more like a race of mutants, endearingly named the “jeffrey bear cousins.” for starters, meet T.V., Miqua, Quavi and Caver (clockwise from top left):


check out the rest of the family at the jeffreybears web site (complete with animated electronic postcards and games) or buy some goodies at the jeffreybears etsy shop. i am a proud owner of a jeffreybears membership card featuring little Quavi:


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