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So our cousin Ellen’s in town and you know what that means – time to overeat. We have an uncanny genetic ability to appreciate food. Some snapshots of food we’ve already inhaled.

dsc00679Coco Sala 929 F St. NW – a fine dessert brunch place in Gallery Place that we tried for the first time. I’m a savory treats person so I was a little daunted by the thought of sweet food for a meal. But it turns out there was nothing to fear and much to relish. Just look at this delightful dish called French Toast S’mores and warm banana compote (left). Ellen and I shared that and the Cheese Souffle with Blue Cheese Pear Salad, which I’m convinced I was quite possibly born to eat (right).

dsc00681dsc04344 dsc00682

Aftermath. We done good.

dsc00689As it turns out, we didn’t get enough so we also dropped by the ACKC Cocoa Bar, 1529C 14th St. NW just down the street from Black Cat. How to dee-scribe (with a pensive Chinese accent) … This was like heaven and hell melded into one candy store space. You’re surrounded by millions of sweets, of which you could only eat a decadent and sinful fraction. Unfortunately, some of the staff were not quite as sweet as the chocolates, nor even the decor. One dude seemed ready to strangle someone if they didn’t pick up the “LATTE!!!” on the counter. That somebody happened to be me :( But alas, we toasted each other to a round of decadent hot chocolate.

Sven is literally … a kid in a candy store.

dsc04354 dsc04353

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