Alas, it’s Day 2 of recording and time to do the vocals. May starts the session off by tracking her verse.

In downtime, we doodle a bit on Eamonn’s studio instruments. I try my hand at brushes and a snare drum covered with a tshirt.

…May at the drum kit.

Suzi perches on a stool in the corner in her pom pom boots. ($10 from Taiwan!!)

Time to record the group choruses, yay… We pair off to sing in two mics —┬áMay and Susan sing the main line, Laura and I take the low end. Kinda tough to film while we’re singing, but ambitious little Suzi tries to do both. Wasn’t so successful though. Laura ended up in a fit of giggles:


Then Laura makes it a day by finishing her verse.

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