… is through powdered donuts. I went to the grocery store and came across:


dsc04849So I caved and here I am eating one in my kitchen. Little known fact about me — powdered mini-donuts and Twinkies are my weaknesses, especially when I’m on the road and it’s easy to justify buying them at a gas station for lack of a healthier alternative.

I’m usually pretty good about junk food at the grocery store. In fact I have a brilliant tip about grocery shopping that I’ve always wanted to share but never had an audience. Brace yourself, this is brilliant. If you see some junk food you love where the saturated fat is at toxic levels, immediately evacuate the vicinity. twinkiesIn fatman’s terms, ‘Don’t put it in your cart.’ Of course you want it. But why facilitate the relocation of that bag of cookies from the Harris Teeter shelf to your own kitchen shelf so you have access to it at night while you’re in your jammies and foraging for food in the kitchen? Plus you have to pay for it first, which is a big psychological deterrent for a cheapass like me. Try to rationalize paying someone to feed you lard. Hopefully after that, it’s a lot easier to leave it on the shelf.

Of course then I come back from the store wondering what the hell I bought because I’ll be starving and there’s nothing good, no microwave pizza rolls to eat in the house. Everything I have takes time and energy to cook – two resources I don’t often have! And so I end up being lazy and just not making anything. And I suffer quietly. Or else I’m forced to make a mess in the kitchen just to eat a snack… ok this wasn’t very well thought out :( this coming from a girl presently eating powdered donuts at her computer.

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haha. i love how they change the packaging for valentine’s day…even though the donuts are the same. it’s valentine’s day! oh hey! valentine’s donuts!


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