As we reorganize our bookshelves at Mousy Babe HQ, I’m digging into my photo archives and found some pics from the Washington DC Record Fair last month.
dsc04867For a very worthwhile $2 cover, record collectors went to the Civilian Art Project to bury their noses in this candy store full of dusty old records.

People were packed in the small room like sardines. All these black-clad vinyl nerds had their backs to the room, hunched over boxes of records, with a look on their faces like they were contemplating whether God made the world, or the world made God. And of course everyone had an industrial-size satchel slung over their shoulders to carry their loot.

dsc04880 dsc048761

It was a fun time, mostly as a people-watching exercise for me, seeing as I don’t even own a turntable. While Ryan was having a field day finding records, I snapped some stealth pics. This (below) was the record fair’s version of Borders’ listening station… made me chuckle. This guy is straining to hear what’s coming out of this portable turntable. You have to respect the vinyl junkie’s reverence for sound quality.


What the world needs now is not an improved iPod but a device that will play records for ‘the busy working professional who is always on the go.’ G’luck with that one Apple.

DC notables sightings included Ian Svenonius and Ian MacKaye chatting by the DJ booth. dsc04882To the left is Kevin Coombe (aka DJ Nitekrawler) who runs DC Soul Recordings and was one of the sponsors of the fair. Talk about music geekdom, his website catalogs “Washington D.C. & Maryland Funk, Soul, & R&B recordings made during the 1960s through the 1980s (including all related sub-genres and descendants such as Go-Go and Disco).” He was spinning some lovely soulful stuff toward the end of the fair. Check out his monthly Moneytown event at Dahlak.

Ian and Ryan digging through records. Aww.

A cute lil skeleton diggin through records. (I got a thing for skulls).

Ryan left a happy camper. Here he is with a copy of Some Time in New York City, the Lennon/Ono record with a doctored photo of Nixon and Mao Tse Tung dancing naked together… priceless!


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