nerdI’ve been entertained by the lively debate over the last post – what a bunch of nerdy smart folk we have as readers, I love it. I think we have some Wharton, MIT and Harvard mixed in there. But alas it’s time to add a new post. (Don’t worry, this one’s rill high-brow)

Em and I have had our grubby hands tied up with moving. Our landlord is kicking our asses out very suddenly so he can sell the condo unit. He even took our parking spot and fitness center privileges away because he stopped paying the condo fee. We went through the standard psychological phases of rejection. Dejection, hurt, guilt, resentment, forgiveness then excitement about new horizons.

Our new place is very exciting and a lot cheaper. Having inherited our mom’s anal retention/OCD psychosis, we spent our Sunday afternoon fumigating the apartment before moving in. Here’s Emilia Bedilia with her mop:

A friend of ours cleaned some nasty crud off of the floor behind the stove and fridge that would have made me gag if I had to do it. That’s what boys are for.

It’s ok. I took pictures of Em’s butt too while she was mopping.

(Her choice for MousyBabe “BF of the Week” is actually Sven who, like Hans & Franz, hauled loads of our stuff with us to the local Goodwill. He really is Juh-man too :) )

Speaking of role reversals, this racy Calvin Klein ad, recently featured in Rolling Stone, was very intriguing. It’s a girl making out with two guys at once, and on the floor next to the couch is another ‘bimbo’ dude but he’s just languishing or completely passed out. Can’t say what the point was, but if someone’s first reaction was moral repulsion at this ‘dirty slut,’ it speaks volumes to the contrast in typical reactions if this was just your run-of-the-mill ad of a stud getting it on with 3 girls, which would have surprised… no one… and prolly repulsed very few people in comparison. Very few men anyway.

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Hope you are happy in your new place.
It is good to have help,too! And, yes, guys are good for cleaning nasty crud and carrying heavy things! And other stuff, too, as you can see in the Calvin Klein ad. Good point about society’s double standard. I did not have any moral repulsion though.! I had a few thoughts but moral repulsion wasn’t one of them!


Our nerdy debate could be titled “Duel of the Diamond-Headed Dorks” i suppose. And while we’re on the subject of butt shots, your Feb 1st post (Tales From a NY Clov Practice) had me looking twice at Brett to verify the distinction between a belt loop and something else. Brett – Just say NO to crack, brotha!




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