so february 2009 was kind of a harrowing month for mb, to say the least… but out of every bad situation comes something good. this time, mousybabe learned to get handy 😉

our new bathroom is tiny, with no storage space for our requisite knick knacks, so we got ourselves a nifty little cabinet thingamajig to go conveniently above the toilet. it was only $30 at target — positively a steal(!), but the catch was we had to assemble it ourselves and it felt like a 2-ton brick. after lugging it awkwardly home, alternately cursing and blessing our new catch, we set off to put it together. here’s a shot of suz at work:


1.5 hours later, we finished! ..albeit with a few mishaps — the whole thing teeters ever so slightly. and i misaligned one of the nails so it’s protruding in a not so attractive way through the front. (see small grey speck on the left side)


lifting the contraption over and above the toilet in order to stand it up behind the toilet was another story altogether. a lot of awkwardness and mid-air paralyzed laughing spazzes.

suz does a little freeform dance with the cabinet to celebrate…

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