Mousybabe has been temporarily defunct! Em and I have been home in Chicago hanging with our mom.

I’ve charged up for a week but not quite sure if I’m ready to go back out and face the big foul world just yet. I spent my time catching up on my Google Reader feeds, seeing ‘Kooza’ by Cirque du Soleil courtesy of Sven (which was awesome, here’s the trailer), listening to new band demos, watching a Joy Division dvd that’s been growing fungus on my desk, going to my college friend’s wedding (at which I went thru the obligatory exhilarating yet draining emotions about the great watershed moments in our lives since we were mere starry-eyed college freshmen! oh boo hoo hoo), and … of course helping to gut the basement to ready the house for the market. More on the last part later.

I found this in my recent archives. This was a free outdoor showing of ‘What’s Happening! The Beatles in the USA‘ at the SilverDocs Film Festival last month. It’s Albert & David Maysles’ take on the mayhem surrounding The Beatles arriving in New York City for the first time.

If there was a soundtrack to this documentary, 6 of the tracks are probably just shrill remixes of thousands of little American girls screaming hysterically at the top of their lungs. If that were me being screamed about, I would eventually be gripped with extreme paranoia and feel compelled to pull my hair out and start screaming uncontrollably myself, very likely about the sheer fraudulence of my being alive. But of course, I’m not John, Paul, Ringo or George…so. Also, Ringo appears to be a ham in this film, stealing more face time than any of the others for some reason.

Ryan and I watched about 40 minutes before we split to go stand in line for some other quirkyass indie flick called ‘Lost Holiday.’ (Silver Docs |

This was filmed by a couple of very determined Europeans, and by determined I mean they spent 2 years trying to track down a group of six very random Asian strangers, whose vacation pictures they found in a dumpster in Sweden. As the Czechs tried to track the men down by interviewing people and pleading with the police dept., they built up rather bizarre, mythic personas about the men in a way that was deliciously chilling, particularly with the spooky music that accompanied everything.

Here’s one of the pictures…which was odd as he was the one who was decided to have been everybody else’s boss on what was probably a business trip, very stoic in his expression. And then here he is lying ‘the hills are alive with the sound of music’-style among a bunch of weeds.

The Czechs went through a pretty hilarious process of interviewing Asian people in Prague to find out whether the men were Chinese, Japanese or Korean. It appears that every Asian person asked immediately guessed they were Chinese or Taiwanese men who worked for the government. To any non-Asian person, it was probably like, wtf? but there’s subtle things you can glean from their fashion choices and overall demeanor.

Anyway, the end was rather interesting but kind of anticlimactic. I can’t spoil it in the event that anybody wants to track this film down and watch it! … btw, it’s currently censored in China.

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