“I’ve always got impish dance moves. That will never change.”

-Mer, lovable DC compatriot and my once-upon-a-time violin student, in Brightest Young Things

Here is Mer’s full self-interview on Brightest Young Things. It’s a trip.

Speaking of which, this… tonight! A shame for Em and me, since we took too many days off last week for our tour and will be stuck finishing a brain-numbing assignment that’s due tomorrow. But for the rest of you, a brain- and adrenal gland-stimulating show at Black Cat tonight with Title Tracks and Pash!


Written by devotchkaa



Hey folks. Great show this weekend in Boston; thanx much for making the trip. My friends also really enjoyed your music.

This is unrelated, but here’s a very provolkative article on the current financial/ economic situation (the author probabily closest represents my perspective of all i’ve heard)

Its all about Power



i actually read this too a few weeks back, i think it’s a great article… been trying to get suz to read it.


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