if brightest young things is looking for a punky kid sister, i think she’s finally arrived. dos-logo-motto

The ladies who run this snazzy new DC music web site are the daughters of a musician whom suz and i have recorded violins for. We were alerted to its existence today after they published a very kind review of exit clov \m/  We were also secretly pleased to learn from the website that the author’s top 3 all-time artists include Damon Albarn.
blur1oasis(Historical footnote: In our high school days, suz and i took the Blur vs. Oasis class war to another level. She was a rabid Blur fan… and with time I guess I’ve come to see things through her eyes (at least on this one). If I could steal anyone’s musical career, it might have to be mr. albarn’s).

Now, novelty isn’t the easiest thing to inject into music web sites, but I think these guys pull it off with this nifty little page. If you’re around this weekend, check out a fundraising party they’re throwing at the Rock and Roll Hotel. Everyone’s invited.
finalI will be methodically evading the swine/ mexican/ north american/ H1N1 virus at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden on Saturday, but maybe suzi q will be around. Proceeds to benefit music programs for kids! yay…

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