Susan and i made a little lo-fi, home music video tonight to help raise money for the victims of Taiwan’s Typhoon Morakot. It’s a performance of a Taiwanese song called “Ai-Biahnh Jia-eh Eianh.”


We’re personally making a donation of .25 cents for every hit/view we get on this YouTube video between now and September 1, 2009 — with a goal of 500 hits ($125).

Please help us by watching the video and sending it around to your friends to help us reach our goal. Feel free to make your own pledge/donation too. Pledges can be as low as a penny per hit (=$5 at 500 hits/views) — any little bit helps. If you do so, please let us know your pledge ( If we get enough responses, we’ll post a list of anonymous pledges (here on mousybabe) to celebrate the good will. :) We’re capping total hits at 500, so no worries about going broke.

Also, pledges are not binding, just the good old-fashioned honor system! You can send your tax-deductible donation to the Taiwanese Association of America (see below), Tzui Chi Foundation (accepts PayPal donations!), or any other suggested organizations listed at

Taiwanese Association of America
Mrs. Ling Ling Huang, Treasurer
199 Bluejay Dr.,
Columbus, OH 43235
Phone (614) 888-6501
TAA-USA is a 501(C)3 tax exempt entity. Therefore your donation is tax-deductible. Please write “Typhoon Morakot Flood Relief” on the check.

This will join our Exit Clov efforts to help survivors of the typhoon. Exit Clov is donating $1 per CD/Tshirt sold through September 1.

Written by weepingstar




First post in a while guys! I like how the video gives out incorrect information regarding the pledge info haha. 500 hits, easy.


as you can see, not much thought went into it before recording ;-). hence the usage of cheesy pop-up text for damage control


Hi Susan and Emily,

You girls are amazing!! I was so moved and even got tears full I love your performance so much.

I actually saw this clip from Plurk. will def forward it to every friend of mine. and I’d like to say “Thank you” on behalf of people from Taiwan.




thanks for the encouragement elaine. i don’t even know what Plurk is! but I’m glad it’s circulating there :)


yeah, what the heck happened? we woke up this morning and it was at 4,000+! just wish there was an easier way to have people pledge… working on it as fast we can 😉


Wow…looks like you topped over 100,000 hits for the fundraiser :-) Congratulations! It was an honor to support this cause at your Boston show.



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