We’ve been neglecting our MousyBabe blog of late! We’re currently revamping the site, so naturally this current one already feels a little tired… :(

But good news has revived us from our slumber – Exit Clov’s new record is finally out! and it’s very ready to be streamed, bought, ripped, enjoyed, criticized, pirated, loved, hated, etc.

Here are the places you can buy it online:
iTunes – Amazon MP3 – Amie Street – Lala – Rhapsody – Napster – Shockhound – LimeWire Store. You can also stream it at the Exit Clov website.

What makes this record release sweet is the fact most of the songs were written and recorded in 2007, which was an important year for us. Suffice it to say it’s been a journey, a darn good one. We’re glad to finally turn it loose and see whose hearts & minds it wanders into.

We’re planning more exciting things through this week and next – including a week of band members blogging from The Vinyl District blog – so stay tuned!

Written by devotchkaa

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