Came home today to a nice present at my doorstep… 300 copies of Memento Mori. Like Christmas morning! :)

Was bracing myself for something to be really wrong with it, misspellings, artwork on the wrong side, or whatnot. But after a frantic frisking of the cd … whew, it’s lookin’ ok.

We considered screenprinting our own discs again, but we ran out of time. And I’m grateful we didn’t or we’d be tearing our hair out right about now, like the last time we screenprinted for the District Menagerie single (Day 1 | Day 2). Thankfully, Tom and Carlos (of Bellflur fame) helped us git the job dun!

This week we’re referring our readers to The Vinyl District where we’ll be blogging every day about the new songs and also giving out free downloads.

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Lots of great songs! If you want to be inspired to change the world or be a better person or just have some cool music on while you iron your shirts, get this record!


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