Wow, ’tis the season for new music…. Greg Maly (of Basshound), who produced of our track ‘Gold to Refine,’ has a new release of his own, under the moniker: The Social Science Project. This time I (Emily) was privileged to lend my vox for Greg’s debut track, “Time Machine,” which he wrote, recorded and produced himself. The song also features synthesizer by Basshound bandmate, Blake Mobley.

Check out the track at the myspace page for The Social Science Project! And get ready to dance cuz it’s ridiculously catchy. Don’t forget to fan the new Social Science Project Facebook page as well, so you can stay tuned in to other upcoming songs… omg such as:

Greg’s lounge remix of ‘Gold to Refine’ (The Sounds of Domestic Living) in the coming weeks! This remix will likely be posted on the Social Science Project myspace page.

Written by weepingstar

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