We bust our asses to tour and play music mainly because we love it… “Everything else is just hot air,” to quote Karl Malone in one of his shoe commercials back in the day. (Em and I used to get such a kick out of that commercial).

Still nothing beats a few of the kindest words from people who support us. After our last Mercury Lounge show, a fan Jeff in NYC sent us an ee cummings poem in which he replaced “Marianne Moore” with “Exit Clov” as an acrostic. I found the poem itself enrapturing. “In a killing world to create” — that is something worth living by.

He writes:
“You make the world a better place!! have a poem!”

E in a vicious world–to love virtue
X in a craven world–to have courage
I in a treacherous world–to prove loyal
T in a wavering world–to stand firm

C in a cruel world–to show mercy
L in a biased world–to act justly
O in a shameless world–to act nobly
V in a hateful world–to forgive

in a venal world–to be honest
in a heartless world–to be human
in a killing world–to create
in a sick world–to be whole

in an epoch of UNself–to be ONEself

-ee cummings (slightly modified by Jeff Ivins!)

Written by devotchkaa


jeff ivins

Hey, I found the poem! That makes me happy! Exit Clov was excellent at the Bowery Ballroom. My friend Rich and I went to see Stark a couple blocks down and I was wishing I had stayed for Cloud Cult, even though Stark is actually quite good. The Clov hoodie is tight( as in not loose) so I better keep hiking (my new hobby!) and not eating so much so it looks good for the next Exit Clov show. Jeff


I should add the only reason I was wishing I had stayed for Cloud Cult is that Stark did not start till late, so I had time to see Cloud Cult, too. I could have had everything!


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