Yay they’ve arrived! A lil’ 7-inch of four cover songs we recorded over the last four years. Since Record Store Day is coming up, we figured it would be nice to house all of these floating cover songs on one record. It’s titled “Cover Boy.”

Here’s a closer look at the artwork we designed (the pretty cover boy character courtesy of our resident artist Matt Sesow).

We limited ourselves to 2 colors to keep costs down – cuz a) we’re a band (ie, impoverished) and b) two people in the band are Asian (ie, cheapskates). But we splurged on the actual vinyl (gasp!) – it’s a lovely electric blue! Also have a delivery of black record jackets waiting to be stuffed…yap totally DIY heh. You hear that? yeah DC loves that kind of shit haha. and so do I.

Anyway, Record Store Day will be so fun this year. Unfortunately I will miss out on this cool Record Store Day show at St. Stephen’s in DC because we’ll be in Philly for our shows. Last year, my friends and I got some breakfast from Tryst and lined up outside Crooked Beat alongside a bunch of hipsters still in their hipster pj’s. (actually I wrote about it last year). The store counter was like the trading floor at the stock exchange, except the currency was in rare, boutique copies of indie vinyl. dsc052331My friends were buying vinyl left and right, but I didn’t have a turntable at the time, so I observed in amusement and eventually became fixated on Ian Svenonius’s literally tiny little book “Psychic Soviet.”

So anyway, our release shows are this weekend in April, so we did a little promotions work. Here’s Em making show posters for the shows.

Maybe because I have nerdy admin and clerical tendencies but this kind of stuff is fun to do – second to playing shows. Writing and recording songs can be fun but it’s also guaranteed to take a lot of energy and hard work : )

Next week, we make the rounds and deliver to the stores!

Written by devotchkaa



This may be a stupid question, but what if someone wants to buy this because they collect everything Exit Clov related, but don’t have the means to listen to the songs because they don’t have a record player?


U can always use it as a piece of art for your coffeetable 😉 no were happy to also send u the digital tracks when u buy the physical record. Just want u to b able to hear the tunes!


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