Back from short tour to promote the Cover Boy 7″ release. Jacq Puyn at Brightest Young Things had some nice things to say about the Black Cat show, as well as some sweet pics courtesy of Priscilla at

At the Bell House show in Brooklyn we took turns fawning over the Cover Boy 7″, which had just arrived by mail that morning. Tecate Mexican beer was flowing freely backstage, but Em opted for this array of drinks. How much cuter can those hipster bartenders get… Parklife? Teaches of Peaches? I double-fisted with water and Tecate. The Bell House space is really beautiful… big ballroom with chandeliers, high stage and lovely sound. Here’s Em in Brooklyn in her pj’s repackaging the merch case before we head up ‘nawth’ to Boston:

In Boston, we were met with our good friends Asleep in a Box, as well as the possible rumblings of a little dedicated Clov cult fan base? A couple people bought our 7″s and asked for signage before we even played a note. I started explaining, “Oh but this is just covers-” and she cut me off “Yeah I know. I read about it.” Aight then…

During the set change, our friends Pretty&Nice‘s record ‘Get Young’ was playing over the PA. Oh yeah, this is their hometown :) We are in good hands. Despite some sound misfortunes during our set, some of the audience was singing along, and word on the street was that two kids in MKultra-inspired biohazard suits showed up and were prancing around on the floor. I didn’t see them myself, so I remain a doubting Thomas about it… probably just hallucinations induced by MKultra fever in the audience. Photo below courtesy of Kelley Shortsleeves:

Speaking of St. Thomas, I was accused of being a doubter over dinner that night when I expressed skepticism about John Clov’s assertion that the two singers in the XX are gay men. Nuh uh! Swear one of them is a girl, sure she’s a bit of a tom boy. She’s still a girl. And she’s cute too. Then Aaron (who is Jewish haha) proceeds to preach to me (the choir) the story of doubting St. Thomas and how he refused to believe until he had seen and felt the holes in Jesus’s wrists and side.

After Aaron’s sermon I promised to investigate further later, but John has since recanted on his own, upon his own personal iphone investigation 😉 I love me some XX…missed them when they played at Sixth&I in DC!

After our set, our friends Asleep in a Box wowed me with their metal-inspired electro-rock. John promised me he will send me a copy of Slayer’s classic album Reign in Blood. \m/ rock’n’ roLL!! … which he still hasn’t done. I will have to nudge him on it.

In typical Clov style, we then dead-headed it that night to Kerhonkson, NY, for the Hudson Valley “Rock the Resort” festival where I was expecting, at our 4:30am arrival time, a typical dead-of-the-night affair – check in and promptly pass out in the hotel room. But apparently Skerik was just getting ready to launch into a second set. Diligent volunteer wookies were still manning the registration tables, and music was roaring from a mini-rave in the back of the room, and random, lost individuals were tripping on something or other. In other words, the hippies were just gettin’ started. The boys went to hear music. Em and I got into our pj’s, ventured out into the halls, foraged for a bottle of water and then struck gold – ice cream from a vending machine… breakfast of champions!

By the time our set came around at 4:30pm the next day, this was more what it looked like:

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ToT couldn’t make the recent MA show… wish i could have seen those dudes in full body hazmat suits… but you’re usually front and center. if you didn’t see them, how could they have been there? unless they were so ninja they stayed in your blind spot all night.


maybe i was hallucinating that the audience was normal and uncrazy when in fact it was not and everybody in the audience was jumping around in biohazard suits. That would make for a cool video actually :)


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