We went festival hopping last weekend!! First stop was the APW Festival on Friday night. It was by coincidence that the logistics were pretty easy. Both of the friends we stayed with happened to live within blocks of public transit we needed to take.

Getting a good night’s rest the night before…Here’s me snuggled deep inside this sleeping bag on Sven’s floor. We brought gifts to thank our buddies. for Sven we got him a long overdue trash can for his bachelor pad. We also brought a bottle of red wine for Cindy, who was a sweetheart and so were her two cats. One of them kept headbutting my hand out of nowhere to get me to pet her.

After breakfast the next morning, we headed out to the Light Rail, then just followed the mass exodus of people toward Liberty State Park.

It was beautiful out, perfect for people watching. Saw some girls wearing these awesome versions of Chucks that were like extra-high high tops so they looked like Chucks boots. Pretty fucking badass! Lots of the same black Led Zeppelin shirt being worn — four total throughout the weekend. Must have been a new shipment from Urban Outfitters 😉

We were giddy like little 8-year-olds in cotton candy land! Here’s a map of the festival grounds (that later blew over in a gust of wind and brief rain.)

Check out these clouds

The Duke Spirit looked like they were out to kill. Blues-y hard garage rock with a platinum blonde frontwoman who looked like she would bite a dude’s head off without hesitation if he tried to mess with her.

As with any festival, there’s the insanity of totally absurd antics. A guy and a girl trolling around in ridiculous balloon dragon outfits. Were these two on the festival payroll? I’d like to see their official job descriptions. When they began doing weird mating dances, it got to be too much.

We headed over to see the last bit of The Go!Team, whom I’d seen before at SXSW a couple years back (Stubb’s). Super energetic. Lots of dancing.

They had these tents where people could play new video games. APW was like a marketing exec’s heaven. The whole festival’s basically a massive focus group and all the target consumers are all in one place – young restless youth looking to eat up music and games.

Also at the Virgin record store tent, amid all the other huge bands, look! Our very own Jukebox the Ghost. gosh don’t it warm the heart.

We were particularly excited for Mates of State, having listened to their new record “Re-Arrange Us” for the first time on the bus ride up to NY. I loooved “Bring It Back,” and this one tugs at the heart strings too. We missed Duffy because of the rain unfortunately. Then the New Pornographers sans Neko. At the beer garden, Ryan’s pooped.

But I dragged him to meet everybody back at the ranch. Em and Sven.

Buddha and Ryan. Music Slut Matt was awol, up front at the CSS stage, from which annoying shrieking between-song banter was piercing my ear drums. “Don’t miss my hah-LEE-day! Don’t miss my hah-LEE-day!” that song of theirs that you can’t not know after listening once to “Donkey.” Our friend Val was supposed to have been there, and Shervin too we later found out!

As the day drew on, activity started to peter out at one end of the festival grounds and migrate toward the mainstage where Radiohead were going to play. Andrew Bird and Girl Talk were one of the last sets before Radiohead was to start. Andrew Bird was a class act, masterminding a brilliant mini orchestra of violin pizzicato loops, his own whistling and minimalist guitar licks. Girl Talk’s set was the other side of class act hehe… in fact ridiculously off the hook, toilet paper being thrown spun into the air, beach balls everywhere, and what I think was a herd of the craziest-looking androgynous hippie festival goers who were invited to dance on stage around him. It was like a big dancing orgy.

At long last… Radiohead

The next day, Ryan and I were on our own. With three ipods ready to go, we rented a car and drove 6hrs to Pittsburgh for the New American Union Festival.

This festival sold out but it was surprisingly underwraps… nobody else I knew seemed to have heard about it. I stumbled upon it randomly, saw that it was curated by Anthony Kiedis and the lineup was ridiculous. And it was two days for $48.50… what a steal! Go Anthony Kiedis… (who did show up on stage to say thanks to everybody for coming out).

A pretty hip part of Pittsburgh, not at all like the crummy areas of the city I’ve seen when we played at Mr. Small’s.

When we got there, we could hear Gnarls Barkley playing from outside the festival grounds. We ran to pick up our tickets at will call … yay!

I got there in time to hear Who’s Gonna Save My Soul … Cee-Lo’s voice leaves my insides burning. I looove Neighbors too. They did a cover of Radiohead’s Reckoner. Spoon were pretty cool too. The Raconteurs killed it! Loved it! Jack White … holy crap!

and of course Bob Dylan.

Written by devotchkaa

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kewwl. looks so fun! what’s the plan, stan, for thanksgiving? hopefully we’ll get to hang out!


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