Handmade Mart is back this Sunday, May 23, from 10am-5pm! It’s in downtown Silver Spring, and we’ll be showcasing brand new designs (well new to you, but most were originally created by our dad Ming-Yen Hsu in the ’70s or ’80s).

A lot of these new designs are paper collages, which are my favorite of my dad’s artwork. We’ll also have some of the new designs on the 11″x14″ prints, and some on little frosted charm necklaces.

This year’s Handmade Mart will be sweet redemption for the Holiday Stroll we did in December where the snow rained on our parade – we were miserable, standing in our booth in 2-3 inches of ice cold slushy water for 6-7 hours! Wouldn’t have missed it for anything though :)

We made a stop-motion imoM commercial for the holiday fair, but it was somewhat for naught at the time. Here it is again:


Did I mention this fair will be a blast? The weather’s supposed to be decent. There will be a stage for live music courtesy of Rock’n’Romp. And the fair is put on by none other than Kim Dorn and Debbie Lee, known for their awesome magic behind the Crafty Bastards and Fenton Street Market/RocknRomp events.

We’ll be sharing the booth with our dear friend Christine of Maganda Designs. Psst check out her awesome and totally bizarre Granny Square Project. This is quite possibly why she is so loveable. Also, Christine and I have been taking turns doing some blogging from the Handmade Mart site!

Feel free to check out our imoM Etsy shop, though it doesn’t yet have the new designs available. It will be very soon though.

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