Em and I will be doing our first dj set ever at the DC Record Fair this Sunday, May 23, at Black Cat!! Hope you will plan to come out at 2pm just so you won’t miss our delectable selections :)

(Note the above killer artwork by Daryle Maciocha)

When Jon from The Vinyl District first asked about our availability, I was like yeah! … but can I ipod dj? heehee. No dice. He said: “Well seeing as it’s a RECORD fair … what are you, living in the Stone Ages??” Anyway, cool by me, so long as you know we’re just no beat matchers. Have tried before on our brother’s turntables back in the day. But it’s all good… crossfade that shit. One song to another. Em and I should be able to handle that – we’ll have 4 scary skinny skeleton hands (also dexterous and skillful, if you go by Asian stereotypes) to work with, so no excuses for non-smooth transitions.

(B/W photos by Matt Dunn, Wash. City Paper)

In the meantime, must say we’ve never been so grateful for buddies with vinyl fetishes who’ve placed their collections at our disposal. We have a rather sweet collection ourselves but not quite to the point where we could pluck a classic out of thin air and know we will have it. I’ve budgeted to get some new records that we plan to play though. It’s forced me to become something of a pest to my local record dealers, but it’s fun asking them to rummage through their warehouses for titles I’m looking for … goes to the heart of our nerdy, archivist, librarian tendencies :)

Many thanks ahead to the kool triumvirate who have been behind all of these record fairs recently – DC Soul Recordings, Som Records and The Vinyl District. And in case you were so precocious as to notice, yes the Handmade Mart is the same exact day, so yes we will be bolting from Silver Spring to the Black Cat for an hour or two. You’re invited to stop by both events! They are guaranteed to be fun as hell.

Psst.. while you’re at it, you’re also invited to the next Exit Clov show this Saturday at the Bellflur Warehouse in Rockville. Fun times guaranteed!

Written by devotchkaa

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