The Sounds of Domestic Living are going to be playing our first show! … hell must be freezing over. 😉

Passport 2 Taiwan Festival
Union Square North in NYC
(outdoors, 17 St & Park Ave)
12-5pm | SODL plays at 1pm | FREE
Facebook event info

Exit Clov actually played this festival last year (see the pic here that I took from the stage). It’s pretty fitting that SODL’s first show will be a festival to celebrate Taiwan – we’ve been plodding forward with our first album for the past year, it’s a collection of our own interpretations of traditional and contemporary songs in Taiwanese and Mandarin. It’s preeeeetty rad so far… just sayin’. Been recording it with John Clov at the helm.

This show should be kinda new for us. It’ll be the first time we’re using drum backing tracks from a laptop, and we’ll also have a talented guest guitarist, percussionist, and all-around utility player joining us, name’s Chops. You can check out more of his work at his blog Mad Sole.

Hope to see you all there! Get in touch with us if you got kwessjuns…

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Good show, which I found out about by accident listening to WCBS Newsradio. I hope there will be SODL T-shirts. Oh, speaking of T-shirts, here’s a funny story. A couple years ago, I went to the GAGA arts festival wearing my ExitClov panda shirt. Now I had no idea the guy who desgned the shirt had an exhibit there(can’t remember his name). He wasn’t even there but he had his stuff on display anyway. His artwork has a certain style, so all these people saw my shirt and kept thinking I was him and telling me how much they liked my work!! So I kept having to say “No I’m not him”!


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