“Kaifuku means to restore” …

And thusly was named an awesome little project by a few of my friends at OnBeat.org, dedicated to helping the people of Japan continue to mend after the devastating earthquakes that shook all of our hearts & minds.

I love it when, instead of saying ‘I’m too busy’ or ‘I’m too tired,’ someone thinks of an idea, gets to work, and voila – a little piece of art is created … where before there was nothing. Amazing! It’s the same kind of feeling I get when I see a newborn baby. (side note: perhaps art is the “poor man’s way” to understand what it’s like to give birth. I found myself chastising a guy the other day about being ignorant about what it’s like to have a baby… then i stopped myself and was like, oh. hehe. neither do i).

So Kaifuku is a song that Chops crafted by melding melodies played on a koto (a traditional Japanese instrument) into a more contemporary backdrop. The track is melancholy and gorgeous, even borderline psychedelic. It paces itself, and is chill and beautiful in the most subtle, understated, unassuming way. And it’s very soundtracky – pretty perfect for gazing out the window of a commuter bus, observing the hustle & bustle of city life on 14th Street and watching buildings pass by :)

Intrigued? Download the song for free at OnBeat.org/kaifuku. They’re asking for a small donation of $1 or more if you can spare, which you can send directly to the Red Cross at the provided link.

However! If you think you’re able to hold out (without peeing your pants) until this Thursday or Saturday for the full artwork – designed by the talented and lovely DC artist Joelle Nicolette – the peeps at OnBeat.org will have physical copies of the artwork available on full-color 8″x8″ cards. This will be packaged with the download card for Kaifuku the song, for a mere suggested donation of $5! all of which, again, will go to the Red Cross. See below for details of the two events.

The mixing and mastering of the track was done by Cam One, at Beat.Clause.It Studios.

Thursday, June 9
Japan-America Society of Washington DC
Annual Summer Beergarden Party
1900 K St. NW, Rooftop
RSVP at jaswdc@us-japan.org

Saturday, June 11
Rising The Sun Japan Fundraiser Event
Temple Lounge
4001 Fairfax Dr, Arlington, VA 22203

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