It was long overdue but I finally dropped by Sticky Rice, H Street’s new late-nite sushi + tatertot joint. This place is practically run by our buddies in the band Pash!

A+ for decor. A+ for food and A++ for service, charm & hospitality (aided by Erik & Ryan Pash, and MaryBeth “Glib” and our awesome waiter). PLUG: Don’t Be Glib plays this Tuesday at Black Cat. Pash headlines Iota this Sunday, Aug. 31.

We sat out on the patio so the pictures are a smidge dark. I’ll have to lighten them more in a bit. But this is a dish called the Secret Garden… It’s a garden of various cuts of sashimi. The salmon melts in your mouth!

When it started to rain outside, the rest of our fellow patio patrons cleared out, but we were loving it. We moved to a table right under a bunch of leaves, which pretty much shielded us from the rain. Here’s the shot of the tree right above us.

Ryan picks at the “Tuna Bites” appetizer… seared tuna. mmm!

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