Ladies and gents, Chops‘s latest music video, called “A DC State of Mind
If you saw his Metro Status video last year, get excited for this one : ) bboys, Ben’s Chili Bowl, tributes to Duke Ellington, 100% local, all DC. So what’s not to love? plus! I get cinematography credits in it (for the fish eye lens shot from under a table), and a split second cameo!

[6:58pm reporting from Cancun, Mexico] Just saw DCist gave props to the vid :)

Must say, I was lucky to be a witness to the whole process of producing the song and filming the vid over the last year. Kudos to the Charlie & his crew, and, for all their hard work! Here are some of “the making of” pix from the shoot for your entertainment.

Testing the waters on the counters but they were on the wobbly side

Selecting some old skool jams to dance to

Mopping the grease, I mean the floor, for the bboys + bgirl…(IMO i think the dancers did the better part of the mopping that day, with their backs)

And finally, for those who like to party, like art and like to dance, the official video screening is being held at “The Funky Formal” 9pm Oct. 15, at Load of Fun Art Gallery, Baltimore, MD!

Song Production/Scratching: Charlie Michael (
Mixing/Mastering: Cam One (
Vocals: Seez Mics ( and Ardamus (
Video Editing: Greg Baylon (
Cinematography: Greg Baylon and Susan Hsu (
Video Direction: Charlie Michael (

Written by devotchkaa

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